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255 Christina Street N.,
Sarnia, Ontario, N7T 7N2

Produce and Prosper

February 26, 2024
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In the heart of Sarnia and its surrounding areas lies an agricultural landscape that is as rich in history as it is in potential. Sarnia's strategic location and favorable climate have cultivated an environment where agri-industries continue to flourish, offering a glimpse into the past while paving the way for a prosperous future.


Sarnia and its surroundings are a thriving agricultural hub that seamlessly blends tradition with innovation. With over 2,000 farms and a climate often likened to Northern California, the Sarnia area is a leading producer of soybeans, winter wheat, corn, sugar beets, and related agricultural by-products.


Local farmers, some with deep-rooted generational ties to the land, drive this agricultural renaissance. Sustainability is a core focus, with many farms and 13 industrial greenhouses adopting eco-friendly practices. Sarnia-Lambton's agricultural community, backed by organizations like Bioindustrial Innovation Canada and Lambton College's Bio-Industrial Process Research Centre, thrives at the intersection of tradition and innovation, contributing significantly to the local economy. Whether you're a farming enthusiast, sustainability advocate, or simply curious, Sarnia offers a glimpse into a rich farming heritage blended with modern ingenuity. It's the place where traditions endure, innovation thrives, and a sustainable future takes root. Sarnia is where you want to be to witness the cultivation of tomorrow's agriculture.

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