New industrial land available at Sarnia Business and Research Park
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255 Christina Street N.,
Sarnia, Ontario, N7T 7N2

Advanced Manufacturing

Sarnia has a long history of manufacturing petroleum, chemical and metal products which has created a robust advanced manufacturing ecosystem supported by its workforce, businesses, and world class safety regulations and environmental standards. It is the community’s primary sector supporting the broader economy.

In more recent years Sarnia has succeeded in establishing a bio-industrial cluster that has attracted bio-industrial manufacturers such as BioAmber, Origin Materials and LCY Biosciences.

Among the 110 manufacturing companies operating in Sarnia you will find global companies such as Imperial Oil, Suncor and ARLANXEO. Together, this sector employed 2,384 workers in 2022.

Products produced locally include petroleum products, resin, synthetic rubber, artificial and synthetic fibres, and bio-based chemicals.

Sarnia’s advanced manufacturing accounts for the highest share (54%) of exports. In 2022, the total value of exports by this sector was $3.6 billion.

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