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255 Christina Street N.,
Sarnia, Ontario, N7T 7N2

Keeping Things Moving

January 5, 2024
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Sarnia’s strategic location fosters dynamic opportunities in transportation and logistics, driving the region’s economic growth. Its advantageous border location and proximity to 65 per cent of the United States market within a day’s drive make it a central point for this thriving industry.


Among the 175 companies operating in this sector, you will find companies such as JDW International, Preferred Towing, and Enbridge Pipelines Inc. Together, employing 1,623 workers in 2022.


Sarnia’s impact goes beyond its borders, as the sector exported a staggering $211 million in 2022. This makes the transportation, logistics, and warehousing sector one of Sarnia’s top exporters by industry.


To further enhance the industry’s capabilities, the City of Sarnia, in collaboration with the County of Lambton, and St. Clair Township, are developing an Oversized Load Corridor (OLC) and adding the Cestar Dock to Sarnia Harbour. The OLC is a designated protected route on existing roadways that connects local fabricators to Sarnia Harbour, facilitating the seamless export and transshipment of oversized products to national and overseas markets.


By preserving clear passage, Sarnia aims to enhance the competitiveness of local fabricators, reduce shipping costs, stimulate job creation, and unlock the potential for exporting valuable locally manufactured vessels, reactors, and equipment modules.


The power of Sarnia’s Transportation and Logistics industry drives innovation, economic prosperity, and global connectivity.

Sarnia truly is the place you want to Invest. If you are opening, expanding or relocating your business contact our team. We're here to help!

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