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255 Christina Street N.,
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Invent the Future

November 23, 2023
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Discover Sarnia’s thriving Advanced Manufacturing industry - a testament to its rich history and innovation. Fueled by petroleum, chemicals, and metals, Sarnia has cultivated a robust manufacturing ecosystem supported by a skilled workforce and rigorous safety and environmental standards.

Bioindustrial Innovation Canada and Lambton College’s Bio-Industrial Process Research Centre provide support for funding, commercialization, and collaborative research.

Sarnia has emerged as a hub for bio-industrial manufacturing, attracting industry leaders like Origin Materials and LCY Biosciences. Together with global powerhouses such as Imperial Oil, Suncor, and ARLANXEO, they contribute to the 110 manufacturing companies operating in Sarnia.

Lambton County shines as a North American center for bio-hybrid technologies, featuring the renowned Sarnia-Lambton Bio-hybrid Chemistry Cluster. This innovative cluster houses cutting-edge laboratories, production facilities, industrial parks, and energy farms. Benefit from established infrastructure and convenient market access that are driving advancements in petroleum products, resin, synthetic rubber, fibers, and bio-based chemicals.

Sarnia’s Advanced Manufacturing industry is a key player in international trade, responsible for 54 per cent of the region’s exports. In 2022, the sector’s exports reached an impressive value of $3.6 billion, solidifying Sarnia’s global reputation as a manufacturing powerhouse.

While renowned for its oil, gas, and refining prowess, Sarnia’s manufacturing landscape spans diverse industries. Embrace the spirit of innovation and excellence in Sarnia’s Advanced Manufacturing industry. Immerse yourself in a dynamic environment where traditional expertise meets cutting-edge technologies, forging a path of progress and economic growth.

Sarnia truly is the place you want to Invest. If you are opening, expanding or relocating your business contact our team. We're here to help!

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